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Published on March 10, 2024
San Francisco to Receive Over $12 Million in Federal Funds for Growth, Homelessness, and Transit ProjectsSource: Unsplash

More than $12 million in federal funds are set to flow into San Francisco for a slew of community projects, Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi announced, a haul that the city hopes will spur growth, battle homelessness, and enhance transportation. The funding, part of a government package President Joe Biden is expected to sign into law, will go to various neighborhood initiatives, aiming to strengthen the social fabric of the Bay Area.

"The significant new federal funding designated for crucial community projects in our City is great news for San Franciscans," Speaker Emerita Pelosi said, her office released the full list of recipients, which includes support for housing, health services, veteran care, and eco-friendly transportation initiatives, all of which heralds a move to energize the local economy and promote safe and vibrant communities.

Those banking the bucks range from the Homeless Prenatal Program, scoring $1,416,279 for family services, to the San Francisco Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing, netting $1,250,000 for overdose prevention - the stage is set for tangible improvements in residents' lives. Glide Foundation's building modernization and Southeast Asian Development Center's plan to acquire a building each drew $1 million pledges, while efficient energy housing upgrades and transit improvements also made the priority list.

Each organization expressed its thanks, with Shellena Eskridge of the Homeless Prenatal Program extending gratitude to the US Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Glide Foundation's CEO, Dr. Gina Fromer, highlighting the project's alignment with GLIDE’s commitment to lifting people out of poverty; Kim Meredith, CEO of the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, shared a similar sentiment, praising Pelosi's unwavering support and leadership.

The financial infusion also promises modernization for the 16th Street Mission BART Station elevator, and a new community center courtesy of the YMCA of San Francisco, for these entities, Pelosi's efforts in snagging the cash underscore her continued commitment to the city's development. "We thank Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi for providing the Community Project Funding making it possible for the Y to provide equitable access to environment learning opportunities and healthy living programming for residents of all ages," said Jamie Bruning-Miles, President & CEO, YMCA of San Francisco.

San Francisco's tapestry of projects, a testament to civic investment, echoes Pelosi's mantra of putting "People Over Politics," a credo now manifest in the concrete and steel of community progress and, according to Mayor London Breed, a beacon of hope for the Castro District's Harvey Milk Plaza redesign showing a concerted effort to improve accessibility and memorialize a local and LGBTQ icon.

For a full rundown of who's getting what, Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi's office has the scoop, listing every project that's got a piece of the federal pie for Fiscal Year 2024—san Francisco waiting eagerly to see these funds in action.