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Published on April 18, 2024
Austin Community Mourns 11 Dead Dogs Found in South Austin Creek, Police Investigate Felony Animal CrueltySource: Facebook / Austin Police Department

The Austin community is reeling after the discovery of 11 dead dogs in a South Austin creek, a grisly find that has local law enforcement on the hunt for the perpetrator of this apparent crime. According to KVUE, the gruesome scene was reported by neighbors along Shiloh Drive near Menchaca Road on Sunday.

While the Austin Police Department's investigation is still gathering steam, the sorrowful residents did not hesitate to come together to mourn the fallen animals. “I walk this neighborhood every day, every single day, and just to think somebody would do something so horrific is just heart wrenching,” conveyed Mary Galer, a resident, to KVUE.

A memorial was held by the community on Wednesday amid collective dismay and a quest for answers. In their shared grief, many came together to honor these voiceless victims with flowers and sage — an attempt, perhaps, to purify the tainted waters where their lifeless bodies were found. “Somebody is smudging the area to try to just clear it of any energy, and I think to just really honor the dogs that died, and I think it is nice to come together as a community to do that,” said a neighbor in an interview with FOX 7 Austin.

The impact of the crime was palpable as community members expressed a mix of emotions; from sorrow to anger, and a resolve to see justice served. “It brings up so many emotions, like anger. And who could do this? And I think it is a little fear, like it is so close,” shared a neighbor, as stated in the FOX 7 Austin coverage. Echoing the sentiment was another neighbor who highlighted how deeply the incident affected the community: “Seeing that someone did this to eleven dogs, this is just, it is heartbreaking. Although we can't do anything about what happened, we can at least show up and try to honor the dogs. They are just innocent lives, they rely on us for everything,” the neighbor told FOX 7 Austin.

As the Austin Police Department continues its investigation, the penalties they may seek for the responsible party loom large: animal cruelty is considered a felony in Texas, carrying up to a $10,000 fine, and as much as two years imprisonment, as per the report from KVUE. However, for many in this shaken community, no punishment can undo the harm done or bring back the loyal companions they've lost.