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Published on April 21, 2024
Bay Area Braces for Cooler Weather and Possible Showers After Warm WeekendPhoto by Jessy Smith on Unsplash

The Bay Area is experiencing a significant shift in weather patterns, as cooler and unsettled conditions are poised to replace the balmy warmth enjoyed over the weekend. According to the National Weather Service San Francisco, which provided an Area Forecast Discussion, temperatures inland soared into the low-to-mid 80s on Sunday.

Come Monday, however, locals can still expect another pleasantly warm day, although temperatures are forecasted to be "a few degrees cooler than Sunday," as the weather starts to take a turn. Patchy drizzle may usher in the change, with the NWS indicating it'll be possible "beginning Monday afternoon and continuing through Monday night/Tuesday morning." Forecasters are watching for a southern surge that could spell cooler drizzle along the coast and upslope areas.

The National Weather Service San Francisco has warned residents to prepare for "the return of unsettled conditions and cooler temperatures regionwide" as of Tuesday. Showers might sprinkle the region with light rain come Thursday night stretching into Friday, further tempering the early week's heat. X updates from @NWSBayArea highlighted the contrast, noting "What a difference a night makes!" referring to the shift from widespread cloud cover to just low clouds hugging the coastline this morning.

Aviation and maritime operations can also expect to feel the impact of the shifting climate. Light winds and minimal stratus cloud interference for air traffic are predicted for Monday's early hours. However, gale-force winds could rattle seafarers "over the far northern waters through at least late tonight," a scenario that demands attention as winds are expected to ease off by mid-week.

Looking towards the end of the week, while the chill persists, drier conditions are predicted to resume on Saturday. Despite a cooldown in the temperature gauge, NWS forecasts that coastal and inland areas will witness variable climates, ranging from struggle to warm out of the upper 50s near the coast to 60s inland.