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Published on April 24, 2024
Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony Faces Certification Suspension Over License Application StatementsSource: Wikipedia/Broward County Sheriff's Office, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The integrity of Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony is under scrutiny after an accusation surfaced that he repeatedly lied on his driver's license applications, a misstep that may lead to a suspension of his law enforcement certification. According to a Miami Herald report, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) alleges that Tony falsely indicated on several applications from 2002 to 2019 that he had never had his license suspended. The FDLE is pressing for a six-month suspension of Tony's certification and additional consequences.

The recommendation was articulated by Andrew Digby, assistant general counsel at FDLE, who suggested the administrative judge should not only suspend Tony’s certification but also mandate ethics training and a year of probation for the sheriff. Digby underscored the gravity of Tony's actions, stating, "The position of an officer is one of great public trust and [Tony’s] calculated actions have broken that trust," in a statement reported by the Miami Herald. The investigation into Tony's past began in 2020 and revealed a 1998 suspension of his driver's license in Pennsylvania, prior to his becoming a police officer.

In a 2019 visit to a Lauderdale Lakes driver's license office, Tony reaffirmed, under oath, his untainted driving record to an examiner while acquiring a replacement license. The examiner reportedly recollected the exchange with Tony, noting he vehemently denied any suspension of his license, as per court filings. The FDLE highlighted that the severity of the accusations against Tony demand a meaningful response given his stature within law enforcement. "There can be no more fundamental public expectation than that those who enforce the law must themselves obey the law," argued Digby in an FDLE recommendation obtained by Flavas of Jamaica.

Tony's defense team has rebutted the charges, filing their own recommended order for the case's dismissal. According to a Flavas of Jamaica, "Plaintiff failed to prove by clear and convincing evidence" that Tony acted untruthfully, as stated in court records. Tony himself contended that he answered his 2019 application based on "what lies before him," including his personal details. On the flip side, a second investigation has been opened by the Florida Commission on Ethics based on possible misleading statements made by Tony which could affect his original employment as a police officer — and ultimately his sheriff’s tenure.