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Published on April 22, 2024
Broward Sheriff’s Office Warns Miami Residents of Resurfaced Impostor Phone ScamSource: Wikipedia/Broward County Sheriff's Office

The Broward Sheriff’s Office issued an alert today, cautioning residents about a phone scam that's making rounds again. Impostors are calling up folks, posing as BSO employees, and are fleecing them for cash by conjuring up fake arrest warrants, as reported CBS News Miami.

In a crafty scheme that preys on the unsuspecting, the perpetrators are claiming they're from BSO's Civil Division, insisting that the person on the other end of the line missed a court appearance. According to a statement obtained by Local 10, "The scammer tells the victim they missed a court date and a warrant was issued for their arrest. In order to put the arrest warrant on hold or get rid of it altogether, the victim must pay up either with cash or through a payment app."

BSO stresses the fact that law enforcement will not call to demand money. In a news release, BSO spokesman Carey Codd made it clear, "BSO nor any law enforcement agency will ever call you and ask for money." These swindlers have dusted off an old playbook, as the scam initially came to BSO's attention in August 2023.

As part of the same con, which is smeared with a fresh coat of deception, some con artists have even started dropping the names of actual BSO employees. "Sadly, this scam is not new," Codd told Local 10, in a bitter reminder that old scams never die—they just go dormant until the next hunting season for scammers.

The agency advises ending the call immediately if you receive such a scam attempt and to contact law enforcement. The BSO has established a non-emergency line, so people can report these fraud calls directly by dialing 954-764-HELP (4357). Residents should remain vigilant, knowing well that any call from BSO requesting money or personal information is a surefire sign of a scam at play.

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