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Published on April 16, 2024
Buckeye Fire-Medical Rescue Department Secures Over $51K for Advanced Rescue Tools from Arizona Governor's OfficeSource: Buckeye, AZ

The Buckeye Fire-Medical Rescue Department (BFMRD) has landed a life-saving grant of over $51,000 from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, aimed at beefing up its rescue operations. reported that these funds are earmarked for cutting-edge, battery-powered extrication tools that promise to pry victims from the clenches of mangled vehicles with enhanced speed and reliability.

In a move underscoring the department's dedication to rapid response, the BFMRD is gearing up to equip its first responders with the new gear. The grant helps ensure that when seconds count, Buckeye's emergency crews have the top-notch tools they need to cut down rescue times and potentially save more lives. "The acquisition of this reliable and modern equipment underscores our commitment to delivering prompt, life-saving services when it matters most," the department stated on its website.

The significant funding reflects a growing trend of investing in innovative technologies for emergency services. In addition to enhancing the crew’s abilities to free accident victims from their iron traps, the equipment emphasizes ongoing efforts to advance medical response capabilities in potentially fatal situations.

An attitude of gratitude was apparent as BFMRD didn’t miss the opportunity to thank the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety for their monetary contribution. "BFMRD extends its gratitude to GOHS for their generous support," they acknowledged, recognizing the grant as a vital catalyst in their mission to upgrade community care. This new gear is a game-changer for the brave women and men in the line of fire, providing a sharper edge in the battle against time and trauma when ordinary citizens find themselves in extraordinary peril.