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Published on April 25, 2024
Carroll County Shaken by Massive Unpermitted Drag Racing Event Leading to Multiple Arrests and High-Speed ChaosSource: Carroll County Sheriff's Office

Chaos erupted in a peaceful Carroll County neighborhood this past weekend as a large, unpermitted drag racing event turned the quiet area into a makeshift speedway, resulting in multiple arrests and citations. The Carroll County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) told 11Alive that despite being warned to cancel their unlawful meetup, the organizers went ahead with their plans which caused significant disruption in the Kennedy Estates subdivision.

The unsanctioned event attracted a staggering 500 vehicles and approximately 1,000 spectators, who were apparently charged admission fees to participate in or watch the high-risk stunts and drag races, which were captured in videos showing cars dangerously close to crowds and firearms brandished from moving vehicles, videos that the sheriff's office obtained showed a landscape far removed from the usual suburban calm, filled instead with the roar of engines and the unruly thrill of illicit street racing FOX 5 learned from spokesperson Ashley Hulsey, "It really is a miracle no one was injured, that we're aware of," she said.

Authorities were quick to respond and managed to shut down the event by the late afternoon; however, the participants were undeterred as they dispersed at alarming speeds, with some hitting over 100 miles per hour, to continue their activities elsewhere in the county, and the deputies were then called again to the same neighborhood to disperse a revived gathering of over 100 people attempting to continue the event. The Carroll County Sheriff's Office has since confirmed arrests, including that of a man wanted out of Minnesota on felony charges according to FOX 5.

In the aftermath, more than a dozen individuals connected to the gathering were arrested with charges ranging from promoting a drag event, laying drag, numerous traffic violations to a case of felony aggravated assault and robbery; moreover, authorities emphasized that additional arrests are anticipated in the near future "There were no permits, it was a mass gathering and that is against the law," Hulsey told FOX 5, underscoring the illegal nature of the event.

While some local residents have remained anonymous due to concerns of retribution after expressing their alarm over the dangerous and illegal gathering, the participants seem undeterred, with some speaking to FOX 5 about their desire to hold a similar event in the future, this time hopefully with proper permits. Deputies, alongside Georgia State Troopers and Villa Rica police officers, continue to investigate the incident and monitor for any plans of potential future illegal gatherings.