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Published on April 23, 2024
Chicago Police Seek Trio Suspected of Robbery Spree in City's Northwest SideSource: Chicago Police Department

The Chicago Police Department is on the lookout for a trio of suspects linked to a string of robberies targeting businesses in the city's 16th and 25th Districts. The suspects, captured on surveillance, are believed to have forcefully taken large quantities of cigarettes and bottles of alcohol from several stores.

Two incidents occurred on the 4800 block of North Milwaukee Ave on April 17 at 10:40 PM, and the 4800 block of West Fullerton Ave on April 18 at 10:26 PM, followed by a third robbery on the 4000 block of North Cicero Ave on April 20 at 8:48 PM. In a statement obtained by the Chicago Police Department's official website, authorities described the offenders as two male blacks and one male white Hispanic, aged approximately 20-25 years old. They were last seen wearing gray hooded sweatshirts, blue jeans or light-colored pants, and black ski masks.

Shopkeepers and residents are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to 911 immediately. Descriptions of the offenders, along with any potential vehicle details, should be provided to the dispatchers. The police have also recommended businesses install and maintain surveillance systems to assist in deterring crime and aiding in future investigations.

The thefts have rattled local proprietors who rely on their businesses as both a lifeline and a service to the community. The police have asked for the public's help in identifying the individuals responsible for these brazen acts of robbery. Further information and updates will be available on the Chicago Police Department’s business alert page.