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Published on April 17, 2024
Contra Costa County Schools Respond to Emailed Bomb Threats Linked to Demands for Russian Prisoner ReleaseSource: Google Street View

Schools in Contra Costa County were thrown into turmoil Wednesday after receiving bomb threats demanding the release of Russian prisoners, affecting districts including Liberty Union High School District (LUHSD), Brentwood Union, Antioch Unified, Pittsburg Unified, and Mt. Diablo Unified. According to NBC Bay Area, the threats circulated via email early in the morning, setting a 1 p.m. deadline for their ominous demands to be met.

The Brentwood Union School District swiftly reacted by alerting the Brentwood Police Department, reassuring parents and staff alike in a Facebook post that, despite the severity of the threat, they remained in close contact with law enforcement to confirm its lack of credibility. The administration is diligently working with law enforcement even as school staff maintain vigilance over the safety of students. In the BUSD's statement shared on Facebook, families were urged to check their emails for updates regarding the situation.

The districts and local police assessed the threats to ensure they were non-credible. The assistant superintendent of LUHSD, Erik Faulkner, addressed the incident by reinforcing the unwavering priority of student and staff safety, "I want to emphasize that the threat has been thoroughly assessed, and law enforcement agencies have determined that it is not credible," Faulkner remarked in a statement obtained by NBC Bay Area.

Dana Eaton, superintendent of the Brentwood Union School District, expressed frustration with the anonymous threats, stating, "We are all committed to the safety of our schools and community. It is unfortunate that these types of mass online threats continue to steal so many resources from schools and police departments," according to statements reported by NBC Bay Area