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Published on April 14, 2024
Council Member Ellison Wishes Eid Mubarak, Advocates for Local Control, Aids in Food Insecurity and Supports Minneapolis ArtistsSource: City of Minneapolis

Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim friends and neighbors in Ward 5, Minneapolis – Council Member Jeremiah Ellison's office sends out blessed wishes for a peaceful and prosperous Eid-ul-Fitr. The council member has been actively engaging with the community through testifying for critical bills and holding open coffee hours.

Ellison recently took the floor at the State Capitol, advocating for House File 4231, which would grant cities the ability to phase out polluting industrial operations that have long impacted public health – a move aimed at empowering local governance. "This bill is a crucial step towards giving municipalities local control over bad actors who have polluted our communities for decades," Ellison said, according to a bulletin released by his office. Further efforts by Ellison included support for bills aiding in the removal of emerald ash borer-infested trees, a burdensome issue for North Minneapolis residents, where the cost of removal hits hard on family finances.

The battle with food insecurity, housing concerns, job readiness, and legal hurdles are all too familiar for many constituents of Ward 5. Ellison's office lays out a plethora of community resources geared at aiding those in need, stretching from career readiness programs to agencies that address housing and tenant protections.

Amid these initiatives is the PROMISE Act, a step towards bolstering the prospect of underserved business owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, with Ellison's office pointing to grant and loan opportunities under the act. "Click here to learn more about this opportunity," the council member's bulletin encourages those interested in tapping into available resources – highlighting the challenges entrepreneurs face and the potential uplift these programs can deliver.

On the artistic front, Ellison's office announces a "Call for Artists" for five public artwork opportunities at North Commons Park as part of the park's improvement project. Local talent is being scouted to contribute to the community’s visual landscape, with the selection process promising collaboration with the design team and community involvement. Aspirants must move quickly; the application deadline is approaching on May 3, 2024.

Finally, as part of Ellison's commitment to community engagement and communication, he hosts weekly Open Coffee Hours every Monday. This forum provides residents a chance to voice concerns and engage directly with their council members. Moreover, with Tax Day looming, a reminder goes out to not overlook the MN Child Tax Credit – a valuable resource available to qualifying families with a refundable credit of $1,750 per qualifying child. Ellison's office pinpoints a disturbing trend where residents in North Minneapolis are filing for this benefit at one of the lowest rates in the state. In an effort to turn the tide, Ellison's office is amplifying the call for eligible residents to claim what they're entitled to.