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Published on April 23, 2024
Dom's and Foxtrot Grocery Chains Close Doors in Chicago, Dallas, and D.C., Citing $180 Million DeficitSource: Google Street View

Chicago's boutique grocery landscape is taking a severe hit as two local chains, Dom's Kitchen & Market and Foxtrot Market, shutter their doors permanently. The closures were confirmed by the companies to be effective April 23, 2024, resulting in the loss of two Dom's locations within the Windy City and 33 Foxtrot shops across Chicago, Texas, and the Washington D.C. area. Notably, this comes merely six months after Dom's and Foxtrot merged into a new entity, Outfox Hospitality, looking to bring a combined upscale grocery experience to the market.

"It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you of a difficult decision we have to make," stated Dom's Kitchen & Market on their website, emphasizing the gravity of the situation. This news was echoed in a CBS News Chicago report. Furthermore, according to Fox 32 Chicago, the unforeseen closure will cease operations of their delivery services, mobile apps, and any use of Store credit cards, with all member perks and account credits expiring concurrently.

As shoppers in Chicago and Dallas took to their day, they were greeted by closed doors and explanatory signage, one of which at a Foxtrot location hinted at a staggering $180,000,000 deficit, noted Fox 32 Chicago. This move impacts staff and loyal customers, who have, until now, frequented these stores for their local food emporium needs and special conveniences such as wine tastings and cooking demonstrations. Outfox Hospitality had aimed to elevate shopping experiences for food enthusiasts across its varied locales.

The origins of this recent grocery venture trace back to a Chicago launch in June 2021 by Dom's in Lincoln Park, introduced by Bob Mariano of Mariano's grocery fame. Characterized by a focus on specialty items and local sourcing, the stores were designed to offer a multifaceted experience, complete with on-site beverage consumption. Reports have not yet revealed comprehensive reasons behind the abrupt closure, but together, Dom's and Foxtrot endeavored to profoundly shape the everyday grocery routine. "This decision has not been made lightly, and we understand the impact it will have on you," expressed Foxtrot in a signal of the extensive deliberation leading to their closure, according to Fox 32.

The marketplace fallout of Dom's and Foxtrot points to harsh business realities faced by retail ventures, even those riding on the wave of innovative concepts and previously successful leadership. As employees and patrons process this halt in service and reflect on what was, the city's food shopping landscape must also adapt and look toward future endeavors poised to fill the void left by these once-promising mergers.