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Published on April 07, 2024
Downtown Knoxville Buzzes with Creativity at Dogwood Arts' 16th Annual Chalk WalkSource: X/Dogwood Arts

Colorful creativity hit the pavement in downtown Knoxville this weekend as Dogwood Arts brought its annual Chalk Walk back to the city's heart. Drawing a diverse crowd of artists, from the tiniest of hands in kindergarten to those with professional portfolios, more than 300 participants took to Market Square and the surrounding streets to showcase their talent. According to a post from Dogwood Arts on X, the event brightened the day with art stations sprawling until 7:30 PM.



In what's become a cherished tradition for the community, the 16th iteration of this live art competition invites contestants to quite literally leave their mark in a myriad of hues. "Knoxville's favorite live art competition is back," announced a piece on Ground News, highlighting the opportunity for all to join in on the creative fray from 8 AM till the evening's close.

Among this year's highlights was aspiring artist Evelyn Hardey, who took the opportunity to go beyond merely drawing attention with colors. In a statement obtained by WVLT, Hardey shared her passion for more than aesthetics, finding a platform for advocacy. "It’s my first time doing the Chalk Walk Festival, and I’ve actually never used chalk before,” Hardey said. “Now, I’m really proud. People have been asking me about the Red Panda Breeding Program and I’ve been telling them, ‘It’s a charity. You should definitely donate to it.’ I don’t even care about winning today. It’s just so exciting for me to be able to share my art."