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Published on April 17, 2024
Father of Missing Hendersonville Teen Appeals for FBI Involvement as Local Search IntensifiesSource: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

The ongoing search for the missing teenager Sebastian Rogers takes a turn as his father, Seth Rogers, enlists the help of private investigators and calls for greater intervention from federal authorities. Sebastian, a 15-year-old with autism, vanished over fifty days ago near his home in Hendersonville, with neither the Sumner County Sheriff's Office nor initial private efforts yielding any substantial leads or evidence of his whereabouts, News 2 reported.

Despite the extensive searches across multiple states, including a thorough inspection of a Southern Kentucky landfill—which is the final destination for trash from Sebastian's neighborhood, the outcome remains distressingly empty. In response to the fruitless investigation and what he perceives as inaction, Seth Rogers has now publicly urged the FBI to take charge by creating an online petition that has already garnered more than 12,000 signatures. "We want the FBI to take over the investigation of the case of missing Sebastian Wayne Drake Rogers from Sumner County Sheriff Office," Rogers wrote in a passionate plea for federal assistance, according to a FOX 17 News interview.

Meanwhile, Seth Rogers has not stood idly by. After dismissing earlier private investigative efforts due to insufficient results, the determined father has recently engaged two more investigators—the third and fourth since the investigation began. According to WSMV, these new investigators are looking to recheck areas around the family’s home that were previously searched, hoping fresh eyes might unearth new clues.

Sumner County Sheriff Roy "Sonny" Weatherford briefly met with the latest pair of investigators on April 16, and conversations about the case ensued, though no details of their discussion have been released. The continued efforts by local officials and investigators underscore the complexity, and difficulty of unsolved missing persons cases—especially when vulnerable individuals like Sebastian are involved, News 2 confirmed.

While the private investigators and the authorities continue their work, the community has also kept its involvement up, handing out flyers and remaining vigilant. Seth Rogers expresses his gratitude towards these volunteers, as he calls for their continued support but also cautions them to remain safe during their efforts. The hope is that through the communal endeavor, increased attention from law enforcement, and the new investigative approach, there will soon be a breakthrough in the case of Sebastian Rogers.