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Published on April 17, 2024
Feds in San Francisco Apprehends Romanian National Wanted for KidnappingSource: Google Street View

In a determined effort to uphold public safety, Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) officials in San Francisco collared a Romanian national on April 5, who was on the lam for kidnapping charges in their home country, ICE reports. The 25-year-old, previously booted from the United States in 2012 following a removal order by an immigration judge, was nabbed living in Fresno—a significant bust for the local ERO division. "Our officers are gratified to ensure fugitives are removed from our community to keep the public safe," ERO San Francisco Field Office Director Moises Becerra said, highlighting the sense of duty within the agency.

The apprehended individual landed in the clutches of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on July 17, 2012, in Calexico. After being issued the order of removal, they managed to leave the U.S. only to be caught again in 2021 in Texas. They were issued a notice to appear and subsequently released on an order of recognizance, yet details of their self-departure remain unclear. This pattern of capture and release culminated in their latest arrest, now slated to remain in ICE custody pending removal proceedings. It was marked by diligence and perseverance in the face of the fugitive's evasive tactics.

ERO's commitment to apprehending and removing those who pose a threat is underscored by their use of immigration detainers—a key stratagem for law enforcement cooperation and seamless custody transfers. These detainers request local authorities to hold a removable noncitizen up to 48 hours past their scheduled release, buying ERO time to take over for deportation processes. This method ensures the capture happens in a secure environment, significantly reduces the risk of reoffending, and conserves government resources—a win-win for public safety and fiscal responsibility.

Backed by a notable track record, ERO boasts 73,822 arrests of noncitizens with criminal pasts in fiscal year 2023, individuals with an average of four charges or convictions that span from assaults and weapons offenses to homicides and kidnapping. The figures paint a vivid picture of ERO's unyielding fight against those who threaten the communal fabric of safety in the U.S., a fact emphasized in a statement by the agency. As the principal federal wing for domestic immigration enforcement, ERO oversees a vast network across the nation and territories beyond, with more than 7,700 personnel steadfast in their mission.

Public engagement in reporting crimes remains vital to ERO's strategy to clamp down on illegal activity. Citizens are encouraged to report suspicious conduct by dialing 866-347-2423 or by filling out the online tip form provided by ICE.