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Published on April 23, 2024
Gun Scare Nightmare: Duo Arrested for Terrifying Miami School-Daycare with Rifle PhotoshootSource: Unsplash/ Matthew Ansley

A harrowing incident unfolded Monday outside a Miami school-daycare when a man and woman reportedly engaged in a chilling photoshoot with rifles, igniting terror among parents and their children. According to NBC Miami, authorities arrested Miguel A. Ruiz, 57, and Estrella Maria Pereira, 50, on charges of aggravated assault with a firearm and exhibiting a firearm near school property.

The drama began to unfold as Miami-Dade Police were called to the scene at Devon Aire Kiddy College, finding Ruiz allegedly in a "kneeling firing position," aiming at the school's entrance. Pereira was reportedly snapping pictures of Ruiz during the frightful episode, with loaded magazine inserted in the rifle. Holding a rifle and pointing it in all directions, including toward the school, Pereira alarmingly followed suit.

Panic set in for one mother who was picking up her child, recounting to police that she witnessed the duo removing rifles from a Chevy Corvette's trunk. According to the mother's statement obtained by Local 10, her fears for her life and the safety of her child were palpable as she observed the pair "in a shooting position." After cautiously picking up her child, she saw them circling the parking lot with one of the rifles, which prompted her to quickly leave the premises.

School security cameras corroborated the mother's account, capturing the ordeal on video. Both Ruiz and Pereira, who were later arrested and taken into custody, are currently detained at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center with bonds set at $10,000. While an alleged confession has been mentioned, details from the arrest report have been redacted.

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