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Published on April 02, 2024
HGTV's "Cheap Old Houses" Stars Offer Creative House Hack Amid Tough Real Estate MarketPhoto by Zac Gudakov on Unsplash

The elusive American dream of homeownership faces a harsh reality with rocketing interest rates and a scarcity of affordable inventory. Yet, HGTV stars Elizabeth and Ethan Finkelstein, famous for their series "Cheap Old Houses" and a highly successful Instagram account of the same name, claim they've discovered a "house hack" to navigate this turbulent market. In a statement obtained by FOX News Digital, Elizabeth discussed the essence of the American dream and the resourcefulness it demands, asserting, "There's the American dream of go get a bigger house, go get a bigger car, go get a bigger television, all that, but there's also the American dream of pick up your bootstraps and figure it out and get creative, and those are our people."

The financial pressures that have diminished the prospects for many aspiring homeowners in recent years include high inflation alongside spikes in interest rates. "Our people are living that American dream of building your own life and figuring it out," Elizabeth told FOX News Digital. She suggests that a 'hack' does exist for those who have the dexterity to embrace their creativity within American ideals to thrive within the constraints of today's housing market.

The Finkelsteins are not strangers to the difficult landscape that has come to define U.S. real estate in recent years. On their HGTV show and social media, they spotlight affordable, albeit often neglected, old homes that require a love for restoration and a willingness to see potential where others see ruin. The couple's approach has gained them a following and provided a blueprint for those undeterred by the need to pour sweat equity into their investments.

By emphasizing the importance of resourcefulness in the face of adversity, the Finkelsteins are sending a message that perseverance and creativity can counterbalance the forces of economic strain that have squeezed many out of the housing market. "There are hacks to the system. If you have that creative American spirit in you, then you are in every bit living the American dream through a cheap old house," Elizabeth continued, as she highlighted to FOX News Digital

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