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Published on April 16, 2024
Houston Police Seize 45 Kilos of Meth, Heroin, and AK47-Style Rifle in Major Drug BustSource: X/Houston Police

In a significant crackdown on narcotic activities, the Houston Police Department, together with other agencies, has brought down a meth lab in Houston. The operation was a collaborative effort involving the HPD's Narcotics Division and the Northeast Crime Suppression Team. Click2Houston reports that the raid resulted in a substantial drug haul and the seizure of a deadly weapon.

The multi-agency operation netted a total of 45 kilos of methamphetamine and a half kilo of black tar heroin, a stark reflection of the prevalent drug crisis in the city, said authorities. To add to the incident's severity, an AK47-style rifle, often associated with violent crime, was also confiscated. Photographs displaying the seized drugs and rifle were shared by the HPD, making a visual statement about the operation's impact.

Officials praised the combined efforts of the involved agencies, lauding the operation as a testament to their commitment to making the streets safer. "Working together, we keep our streets safe," the HPD stated in a post on X, underlining the collective responsibility and solidarity in combatting drug-related offenses.