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Published on April 18, 2024
Maple Grove Businesses Anticipate Challenges During 63rd Avenue Bridge Replacement ProjectSource: Google Street View

Maple Grove is bracing for traffic disruptions as the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) embarks on a project to replace the aging bridge on 63rd Avenue. As confirmed by the local government's Facebook page, this extensive construction effort also includes enhancements to lighting, signage, and drainage systems in the area. Local businesses along Hwy 169 near the 63rd Avenue and Magda Lane intersection are expecting to feel the pinch as patterns of commute and access are significantly altered.

The structure's overhaul, which began on April 15, has necessitated the closure of the 63rd Avenue bridge until October, severing direct access to and from Highway 169. MnDOT's undertaking promises safety and infrastructure improvements but has left Maple Grove's economic players at a potential standstill, with businesses in the highway’s vicinity facing the prospect of decreased foot traffic and declining sales. Maple Grove's official Facebook page is encouraging residents to go a "tad out of your way" to support these establishments during the disruptive period.

While MnDOT asserts that the improvements are crucial for the long-term resilience of the transport network, the immediate consequence is a test of endurance for the commercial district. Restaurants, retail stores, and other service providers are grappling with a sudden shift in consumer access, prompting calls for community solidarity and patronage.

In recognition of the hardship faced by businesses during the bridge replacement, the City of Maple Grove has called upon its residents in a social media appeal to continue frequenting the affected area. "Your patronage can make a big difference in helping these businesses thrive during the construction period," entreats the Facebook post, signaling a community-centric approach to surmounting the economic challenges posed by the infrastructure project.