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Published on April 21, 2024
Maple Grove Calls on Community to Beautify Parks and Boulevards in May Volunteer EventsSource: City of Maple Grove, MN

The Maple Grove community is gearing up to put a little elbow grease into sprucing up local parks and boulevards this May. In a recent Facebook post, the city's Parks and Recreation Department announced two volunteer opportunities for residents to get involved in beautifying their surroundings.

The first event, Park Cleanup, is slated for May 7. Volunteers are encouraged to "lend a hand with park projects around Maple Grove, such as planting, mulching, and more," the post details. Community efforts like these are essential in maintaining the city's public spaces as welcoming areas for all residents to enjoy.

Not to be outdone, the second event focuses on adding a splash of color to the city's thoroughfares. On May 9 and 11, the department seeks volunteers to help plant the flower beds along Weaver Lake Road and Elm Creek Boulevard. "Your contributions help beautify our community from spring all the way into fall," the Maple Grove government Facebook page announced.

Whether looking to contribute on an individual basis or planning to round up a group, interested volunteers are to quickly sign up using the link provided in the Facebook post. This is a prime opportunity for community members to actively partake in the city's beautification efforts, whether they have a green thumb or just want to give back to their community. The Parks and Recreation Department has made it simple to get involved, so there's no excuse not to put on some gloves and help make Maple Grove look its best.