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Published on April 19, 2024
Maricopa Police Tout Reduced Crime Rates, Enhanced Community Engagement in Annual Report to City CouncilSource: City of Maricopa

In a recent report to the City Council, Maricopa Police Chief Mark Goodman laid out the strides taken by his force to maintain the city's reputation as a safe haven in Arizona.

"Community policing has been my priority since I came to Maricopa," Goodman said, according to a recent announcement on the city's official website. He credits local engagement,  “That goes beyond the Coffee with a Cop events and translates into community members being active and engaged to the point where they will pick up the phone and call us when they see something suspicious.”  

The numbers showcase a vigilant city yet at peace: a 10% reduction in overall crime per capita, over 35,000 calls to police dispatch with none being of the most severe 'Priority H' level. These high-priority calls are for incidents teetering on life or death.

Furthermore, Goodman highlights that 65% of all calls were initiated by residents themselves, which points to an involved community, proactively reporting the unusual. The majority of calls, at 74%, were of less urgent matters, such as property damage and minor disputes. The Chief weaves a story of partnership between the force and the residents—a cooperative effort to safeguard their city.

Goodman's year in review also shines a light on the nature of calls fielded by Maricopa officers; from welfare checks (9.1%) and reports of suspicious activity (9%) to various types of follow-ups and disturbances. His presentation painted a picture of a proactive police department in tune with the needs of its community.

Councilmember Goettl weighed in on the report, affirming the integral role public safety plays in the community's well-being. "This report speaks volumes of the quality of men and women that we have working in the police department. Public safety plays an important part in our economic development, and our quality of life. Everything is really dependent upon our men and women and what they do in our community," Goettl was quoted on the city's website.

The Maricopa Police Department is not resting on its laurels, either. In anticipation of city growth, a significant recruitment drive in 2023 has added firepower to its ranks, with 18 sworn officers, public safety aides, and dispatchers among the new hires. Chief Goodman believes this expansion is paramount not just for safety, but also for supporting job creation and business development in Maricopa.

The full rundown of Maricopa Police Department's 2023 activities can be viewed at their official website, as they continue to leverage community engagement as their guiding principle in policing one of Arizona's safest cities.