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Published on April 18, 2024
Memphis Officer Joseph McKinney Suspected Killed by "Friendly Fire", Teen Faces Adult Charges in Chaotic EncounterSource: Unsplash/ David von Diemar

Memphis reels as new details emerge in the tragic shooting of Police Officer Joseph McKinney, who authorities now suspect may have fallen to "friendly fire". According to WREG, the Shelby County District Attorney's Office disclosed that they are pressing for a motion to charge the 17-year-old involved as an adult, with a bundle of serious allegations including a series of counts of Criminal Attempt First Degree Murder and Assault Against First Responder, among others.

The case took a grim turn, with the local D.A. revealing McKinney might have been unintentionally shot by another officer in the chaos, drawing attention to the hazards of misidentification in rapidly evolving confrontations on the streets. With the investigation ongoing, the prosecutor's office maintained that current information indicates that Officer Joseph McKinney was killed by friendly fire, a point corroborated by a similar report from ABC24. Despite the lack of a murder charge the District Attorney's Office adamantly pointed the finger at the 17-year-old, stating, "Should a legal avenue open up for additional prosecution, be assured we will pursue it."

Amidst the turmoil and investigation, Interim Memphis Police Chief C.J. Davis released a somber reflection on the death of McKinney and the incident, stating, "We continue to mourn the death of Officer Joseph McKinney, as we learn this new information. The facts remain that our officers responded to a very violent encounter that tragically resulted in Officer McKinney being fatally shot. We continue to support Officer Mckinney's family and the Memphis Police Department in honor of his valor. Please continue to pray for the family and all involved," according to FOX13. Davis stood by the police response to what has been described as a "very violent encounter."

The Memphis Police Association chimed in, redirecting the discussion towards the actions of the suspects to become violent during the police encounter, while Interim Chief Davis and the D.A.'s Office assured ongoing support for the slain officer's family and confirmed the additional charges placed on the 17-year-old suspect, ranging from Theft of Property to Possession of Prohibited Weapon, per reports by WREG.