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Published on April 24, 2024
Miami Man Charged in Beating Death of Transgender Woman Outside Ballet BuildingSource: Miami-Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation

In a grim discovery outside the Miami City Ballet building, a homeless transgender woman was found beaten to death, leading to the arrest of 53-year-old Gregory Fitzgerald Gibert. Miami Beach police confirmed that the body of Andrea Dosspassos, 37, was found Tuesday morning with severe trauma to her face and head. An eyewitness initially mistook Dosspassos for a sleeping person before noticing the blood and contacting emergency services.

According to an arrest report accessed by Local 10, surveillance video showed the assailant, identified as Gibert, approaching Dosspassos while she slept outside the ballet's building. After briefly sitting on a bench with a metal pipe in hand, Gibert proceeded to attack her. Police officers found two wooden sticks had been forced into her nostrils, further marking the brutality of the assault.

Gibert, who was on probation for attempted armed robbery and other charges, was spotted early Wednesday wearing the same unique basketball shoes shown in surveillance footage. CBS News Miami reported that Gibert chose to invoke his right to remain silent when apprehended by detectives. Substantial evidence was gathered against him, including blood-stained clothing and the murder weapon recovered by authorities.

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