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Published on April 22, 2024
Miami Officer Who Shot Man With Mental Health Issues Previously Threatened Victim's Mother, Mother Now Faces Stalking ChargesSource: Google Street View

A Miami-Dade police officer who shot and killed a 21-year-old man with mental health issues in 2022, was previously recorded threatening the man's mother, implying he could kill her son during an encounter. Officer Jamie Pino's interaction with the victim's mother, Gamaly Hollis, was caught on body camera footage 10 months before the fatal incident. Pino can be heard stating to the mother, "If your son takes a BB gun or a real gun out on me, I’m gonna kill your son," according to a video obtained by NBC6.

Gamaly Hollis has been entangled in a legal struggle after her son, Richard Hollis, was shot by Officer Pino when he was purportedly holding knives in a threatening manner. Police asserted that Pino used a taser on Richard, which was ineffective, leading to the fatal shooting. The Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office later deemed the officer's actions justified, an outcome that the mother fiercely disputed.

In a separate but painfully connected string of events, Gamaly Hollis found herself behind bars on charges of stalking and resisting an officer. She allegedly searched for Officer Pino at a crime scene related to another police-involved shooting, as reported by the Miami Herald on X. Upon finding him, she confronted Pino, who was recorded saying, "I did. I’m sorry. Maybe if you did a better job there wouldn’t be a problem." This conflict led to Hollis serving a 364-day sentence for violating a stay-away order against Pino.

Defense attorneys are pushing for the charges against Hollis to be dropped, pointing to her actions as an attempt to highlight government misconduct. They criticize the Miami-Dade police for allowing Officer Pino to continue working in the same area where Richard was killed while an investigation by the FDLE was underway. After serving her sentence, a judge granted Hollis a bond. The story of this mother's confrontation with the law and her anguished pursuit of justice for her son casts a somber light on the aftermath of police-involved shootings, especially those involving individuals with mental health concerns.

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