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Published on April 10, 2024
Minneapolis Rolls Out First-of-Its-Kind Music Census to Boost Local Sound SceneSource: Unsplash/Adrian Korte

The beat goes on in Minneapolis where city officials have rolled out what they're billing as a first-of-its-kind music census, designed to map out the local tunes territory and fine-tune the business of beats in the burg. Announced by Mayor Jacob Frey, the Minneapolis Music Census is aiming to amp up understanding of the city's sound scene and aid in making data-driven decisions that could crank up the volume on the local music economy. Starting April 12, adults working in the Minneapolis music industry, regardless of their role or income, are urged to fill out the survey through April 26 at mplsartsandculture.org.

According to a statement on the city's website, the census covers a gamut of ground—from personal demographics and space needs to health and wellness subjects and sentiments regarding diversity and equity and the Minneapolis Music Census is open to professionals, semi-professionals, students who might be moonlighting as musicians, venue operators, educators and even those behind-the-scenes heroes handling soundboards and lighting rigs.

"Minneapolis musicians are world-class," acknowledged Mayor Jacob Frey, with some hometown cheerleading, "So are our city’s venues, clubs, festivals, radio stations, and audiences. We want the world to know about the brilliance of our unique and diverse music scene, and the Minneapolis Music Census will help guide us there." Frey´s declaration reflects an eagerness to spotlight the city's rhythm and blues and everything in between as Minneapolis seeks to etch its mark on the music map.

It's all about hitting the right note and drawing up the score for future musical moves in Minneapolis—city's Arts & Cultural Affairs chieftain Ben Johnson noted the significant part data plays in crafting effective policies that resonate within the community, the results of the census, expected to be music to the ears of local music and live entertainment industry pros, venue owners, not-for-profits, and government agencies this summer, will inform strategies to potentially elevate Minneapolis's status as a must-visit destination for music lovers and the industry's players alike, according to the same city statement.

Don Pitts, head honcho at Sound Music Cities—the Texas outfit conducting the headcount—struck a chord when he termed the census a "landmark opportunity to harness the collective wisdom of the music community." It's not just about pounding out policies but fostering "a more inclusive and supportive environment that empowers all stakeholders within the music ecosystem," Pitts told the city, all sources that make Minneapolis hum melodically—from the guitar-strumming busker on the corner to the studio wizards—are encouraged to share their piece for the citywide crescendo.