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Published on April 19, 2024
Over $70 Million Refinery Overhaul at PBF's Martinez Facility to Employ 600+ Local WorkersSource: Google Street View

PBF Energy is planning a major maintenance overhaul at its Martinez Refinery, which is slated to begin next week with an investment exceeding $70 million, city officials announced. The project, known as a turnaround, is expected to last several weeks and will employ not only refinery staff but also more than 600 local union craftspeople.

The process will kick off by safely and methodically shutting down the equipment, which will take several days and could cause some flaring. According to the company's flare minimization plan, "we have developed a flare minimization plan to minimize or prevent flaring during the shutdown process." Residents should be aware that despite these precautions, flare-ups could still occur, leading to visible flames at the facility.

Once the shutdown phase is complete, workers will carry out the needed maintenance. Following that, there will be a restart of equipment which could also increase flaring. "Following completion, we will restart the equipment, which will increase the potential for flaring until the restart is complete," PBF Energy explained. A similar flare minimization strategy is planned for this phase to curb any potential flaring issues.

Flaring is a standard safety procedure used at refineries to manage combustible gases by burning them controlled. Detailed information about the process is available on the refinery's website for those interested in learning more about the practice. With increased contract workers expected, more traffic congestion is likely on roads near the refinery, notably on Marina Vista between I-680 and Shell Avenue, and Pacheco Blvd between I-680 and Howe Road. PBF has pledged to mobilize resources to deal with the subsequent traffic impacts.

Local residents may notice additional noise and night-time lighting due to the turnaround, the company warns. However, they assured that they have notified all appropriate agencies and have taken steps to reduce any disturbances in the neighboring areas. For any concerns or questions, PBF Energy encourages residents to reach out through their provided phone numbers.