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Published on April 16, 2024
Philadelphia Police Seek Suspects After Man Critically Injured in Rush-Hour ShootoutSource: Philadelphia Police Department

Tragedy struck in Philadelphia's 35th District as police hunt for two suspects caught on camera in a chilling rush-hour shootout that left one man clinging to life. On the night of April 12, at around 9:40 pm, officers rushed to the scene at the 7100 block of Old York Rd following a distressing 911 call reporting a shooting incident on the highway.

A 31-year-old man was discovered inside his vehicle with a life-threatening gunshot wound to the chest, the victim’s condition was immediately escalated to critical upon reaching the local hospital. This brazen act of violence occurred when a black Nissan Murano stopped at a red light, as revealed by the victim's dash cam footage, it chillingly captured the moment the passenger stepped out and approached the victim’s car, opening fire directly into the windshield before the vehicle fled north on Old York Rd.

Philidelphia Police released a public statement, profiled the suspects in the video that showed the harrowing incident. The first suspect is described as a black male donning a black balaclava mask, complemented by a black zip-up jacket over a white shirt, and black or gray pants secured with a black belt. His accomplice, another black male of a heavy build, sports a full beard and was dressed in a black skull cap crowned atop his head, large, spectacle-like glasses with black frames, a black hooded jacket emblazoned with a 'Nike' logo on the left chest, adorned further by gray sweatpants paired with black and white sneakers.

Police are fervently appealing to anyone with information to step forward, these individuals are potentially armed and extremely dangerous, the safety of their community hangs in the balance as long as these suspects remain undiscovered. Authorities urge those with tips that could lead to an arrest to contact the Philadelphia Police Department without delay; the assistance can be offered anonymously, every second counts when lives are on the line, and a shooter is on the loose.