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Published on April 15, 2024
Richmond Police Arrest Suspect and Seize Firearm After High-Speed Chase Ends in Martinez CollisionSource: Richmond Police Department

In a display of high-speed crime-fighting, the Richmond Police Department arrested a robbery suspect along with the recovery of an illegally possessed firearm after a tense pursuit. According to a Facebook post by Richmond Police, the incident occurred when patrol officers spotted a vehicle driven by a suspect known to have outstanding warrants and believed to be armed.

The situation escalated as the suspect chose to actively not comply, instead attempting to flee from the officers hastily. This catalyzed a high-speed chase on Highway 4 and Pine St in Martinez, where the suspect collided with another vehicle. Although the other vehicle was put out of commission, it was reported that its occupants sustained only minor injuries. The suspects then tried to escape on foot but were ultimately corralled by law enforcement after a sweep of the area.

During the hot pursuit, officers witnessed what they discerned as a firearm being thrown out of the vehicle by its occupants. Richmond Police, with the assistance of K9 Cash, went back to the scene to look for the weapon. It wasn't long before they could locate and secure the gun, adding it to their cache of evidence.

The driver, whose rash act to quickly evade arrest put others in danger, was finally apprehended and is now facing charges for attempting to evade officers, possession of a firearm, and for his outstanding warrants. The Richmond Police Department expressed its gratification in halting another case of illegal firearm possession and capturing a felon, commending all officers, especially the four-legged K9 Cash, for their work.