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Published on April 03, 2024
San Francisco Braces for Chilly Weather with Rain, Wind, and High-Elevation Snow ForecastSource: l0da_ralta, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bay Area residents, grab your coats and ready your umbrellas — An impending weather shift is set to bring a chilly mix of rain, high-elevation snow, and possible thunderstorms to San Francisco come Thursday and Friday, the National Weather Service San Francisco reports. While flooding concerns remain low thanks to anticipated moderate rainfall levels, the NWS is alerting locals to the probability of cold temperatures descending upon us this weekend, as pointed out by a recent forecast.

In a more detailed account, the NWS San Francisco emphasizes that the incoming system is indeed a cool down, with today's dry cold front laying the ground for a three to ten-degree temperature drop affected by northwest winds reaching gusts between 30-40 mph. Friday and Saturday mornings are predicted to be notably brisk, and the mercury is set to dip even lower come nightfall with "forecast low temperatures expected to range from the lower 30s in the regions highest peaks, upper 30s to lower 40s inland, and low-to-mid 40s near the coast," according to their Area Forecast Discussion.

The wintry weather doesn't stop there, the highest peaks of the Santa Lucia Range and Mountains of San Benito County are gearing up for a winter blanket with more than 6 inches of snowstorm while surrounding areas anticipate a lighter dusting. Travellers should be ready for potential impacts on mobility, especially through higher elevation roads where snowfall is expected to accumulate; however, the NWS San Francisco assures locals that "[w]idespread flooding does not appear likely at this time."

Aviation interests heed a brief as well, with the NWS San Francisco warning of marine layer stratus potentially impacting visibility alongside the onset of gusty winds and showers plus a "slight chance to chance of thunderstorms late tonight to Friday." Those planning to be out at sea aren't exempt from this cold snap either with "northwest winds becoming gusty due to a mainly dry cold front passing southeastward across the coastal waters and bays today" and a continued advisory for marginal sailing conditions through Monday; such were the conditions described in the Marine Forecast.