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Published on April 26, 2024
San Francisco's Japantown Welcomes Hed 11, Offering Opulent Thai Tasting Menu by Michelin-Starred TeamSource: Instagram / @hed_eleven

Japantown in San Francisco is set to taste a bold new take on Thai cuisine with the grand opening of Hed 11 on May 3, as reported by Eater SF. Spearheaded by restaurateur Billie Wannajaro, known for her successful Hed Very Thai in the Financial District, and chef Piriya “Saint” Boonprasan with Michelin-starred roots from explosive eateries in Bangkok, the now revamped space that once housed the legacy Mum’s shabu shabu is all decked out and ready to serve a posh 11-course dinner tasting menu, priced at $169.

The venue, founded inside the Kimpton Hotel Enso on Sutter Street, aims to interlace authenticity with high-end dining, focusing on intricate regional Thai dishes barely glimpsed, even in Bangkok's vibrant food scene. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, key ingredients such as a specific Chinese shrimp paste and essential spices are imported to craft a genuine Thai flavor profile. With a capacity for 49 seated guests, the restaurant touts a grandiose yet tropical ambiance.

The menu is nothing less than an extravagant culinary voyage through Thailand's diverse palette. It promises to feature heralded dishes like oysters with herbs and green Thai chiles, southern-style curry with young banana and chicken, and an opulent fried shrimp dish presented in golden cups, a nod to Thai royalty. Not one to shy away from seafood, chef Boonprasan especially highlights his signature khanom jeen sao nam with scallops. As reported by Eater SF, the menu is gluten- and dairy-free, adhering to diners' preferences in the city, with coconut milk readily substituting for animal dairy.

Mirroring Thai tradition, the roster of dishes will evolve with the seasons, ensuring a fresh experience upon each visit. In a restaurant with an elegant vibe remnant of a Denis Villeneuve set, patrons can also expect to sip on highballs and other drinks infused with uniquely Thai elements behind an artfully curated bar. Showing off its new gourmet threads in a post on its Instagram page, Hed 11 has signaled a warm invitation to an opening that packs more than just a culinary punch.

While Hed 11 is undoubtedly the new high-end kid on the block, it joins the ranks of other fine dining establishments, such as Michelin-starred Nari, cultivating fierce competition and promising a fiery future for Japantown's culinary landscape. Brunch and traditionally Western breakfast options will roll out later in the year, adding everyday appeal to the restaurant's exotic offerings. For those keen on securing a spot at this much-anticipated dining experience, reservations can be made on OpenTable.