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Published on April 12, 2024
SFPD Arrests 42 in Tenderloin Sweep, Seizes Fentanyl and Meth in San Francisco Drug CrackdownSource: San Francisco Police Department

In a clampdown on drug-related crime, San Francisco law enforcement arrested 42 individuals, among them 30 with outstanding warrants, in a daylong sweep throughout the Tenderloin district, the San Francisco Police Department announced Thursday. This effort is part of a continued crackdown on narcotics within a city grappling with substance abuse and street crime.

The SFPD confirmed the seizure of fentanyl and methamphetamine during the operation, highlighting a relentless fight against a relentless vice that plagues the neighborhood. Chief Bill Scott hailed the effort, saying in a statement obtained by the San Francisco Police Department's news, "Our officers will continue to make arrests and hold individuals committing crimes accountable for their actions. ... I truly appreciate our hard-working officers and our city partners for their commitment to this effort."

The crackdown involved multiple agencies, including the United States Marshals Service, the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office, the Adult Probation Department, and several specialized units within the SFPD, such as the Narcotics Drug Recognition Expert Team. This array of forces reflects the multifaceted approach the city is taking to combat the illicit drug trade that thrives in certain pockets of the city.

With enforcement action intensifying during nighttime hours, particularly around U.N. Plaza—a known hotspot for illegal activity—the operations signal a long-term strategy to restore law and order. Chief Scott and the SFPD extended their gratitude to the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office, recognizing the collaborative effort in pursuing the city's goal to enhance public safety and address the drug epidemic head-on.