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Published on April 25, 2024
Stanford Health Care Tri-Valley to Close Livermore Diabetes and Bariatric Center in Efficiency MoveSource: Google Street View

Residents of Livermore facing diabetes or seeking bariatric services received a medical reality check this week as Stanford Health Care Tri-Valley moves to shut down its Diabetes and Bariatric Center located at 1119 East Stanley Blvd. Effective May 1, the center will no longer accept patients, marking the final day of operations on April 30, according to details provided in a public notice. The closure, driven by Stanford's quest for better resource management and efficiency, has left patients scrambling for alternative health care options.

The closure is a piece of a larger strategy to consolidate Stanford Health Care's operations. "The closure of the Diabetes and Bariatric Center in Livermore is part of Stanford Health Care Tri-Valley’s broader efforts to streamline resources and improve efficiency across our network of facilities," Stanford representatives explained in a statement obtained by Pleasanton Weekly. The move is part of Stanford Medicine's push to reallocate resources to serve better "the evolving needs of our patients and community."

Alternative facilities for those affected by the closure include Stanford's General Surgery Clinic in Pleasanton and Washington Hospital's Outpatient Diabetes Center in Fremont. Also on the list are Kaiser Diabetes Classes and Programs in Pleasanton, offering various health information sessions and diabetic care resources. A complete list of alternative service providers has been made available, covering everything from bariatric surgery to gestational diabetes and general nutritional services.

This health care shake-up comes at a time when chronic diseases like diabetes are on the rise, posing significant challenges to patients dependent on localized, accessible care. Representatives from Stanford assure that the decision was not made lightly. "Stanford Medicine leaders had careful consideration of various factors before making the decision to close the center," they mentioned via the Pleasanton Weekly report. Further details on the closing and services offered were detailed in a public notice issued by Stanford.