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Published on April 15, 2024
Sunny Skies and Soaring Highs, Knoxville Braces for Possible Thunderstorms and Breezy ConditionsSource: Google Street View

The National Weather Service in Knoxville is forecasting sunny skies with highs soaring up to the low 80s today, folks. You might want to grab your shades as you head out the door. According to the latest report, it's a comfortable 62°F out there with moderate humidity at 60%. Winds are cruising from the southwest, light and breezy at 7 mph. Expect the barometer to read a steady 30.03 in if you're keeping tabs on that sort of thing.

Tonight's low is gonna dip to around 61, with that same Southwest breeze keeping it mellow. As we look ahead to Tuesday, things are gonna get a bit cloudier before it opens up to mostly sunny skies once again, with the mercury trying to break to an even higher 84. Winds are gonna stay chill in the morning, but they'll pick up with a southerly shift at 5 to 10 mph later on.

The National Weather Service's Hazardous Weather Outlook is giving us a heads up for some possible thunder action this afternoon, specifically in parts of northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia. They're cautioning that a few storms could bring gusty winds and the shot at some small hail, so watch the skies if you're up in those parts.

The rest of the week looks to have its ups and downs, weather-wise. Wednesday could get a little rough, folks—a 40 percent chance of showers and the potential for thunderstorms post-5 pm. It's gonna be breezy too, with 10 to 20 mph winds from the southwest, and potential gusts hitting a windy 30 mph. Keep that umbrella handy, because the odds of rain and storms hang around each night through to the weekend, even though the days tend to clear up a bit.