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Published on April 17, 2024
Surprise City Courts to Host Array of Prestigious Tennis Championships This SpringSource: Facebook/Surprise Tourism

The City of Surprise is turning into a tennis aficionado's haven this spring, with a series of major tennis events set to serve up some intense racket action. Paramount among these is the PacWest Tennis Championships, slated for April 17 - 20, which will feature the crème de la crème of collegiate talent from across the nation fighting to claim the PacWest crown.

Not resting on its laurels, the city will also play host to the Golden State Athletic Conference Tennis Championships from April 23 to 25, bringing in teams that contended hard for this season’s coveted spots and over 180 student-athletes are ready to strut their skills at the premier Surprise Tennis and Racquet Complex.

The 8th annual USTA Men's 35’s National Hard Court Championships is on the docket for April 25 - 28, drawing in approximately 50 of the top-ranked Men's 35's competitors, while at the same time, the 18 & Over crowd gets to strut their stuff in the USTA NTRP National 18 & Over Mixed Doubles Championships scheduled for April 26 - 28, the announcement said.

Wrapping up this volley of events, on the junior circuit, will be the clash of the titans among the teenage set: the USTA National Level 2 Girls 18s Championships hitting the courts from May 18-20, showcasing 64 of the country’s best young players in the singles draw alongside 32 doubles teams ready to dazzle the fans—all for the love of the game and maybe, just maybe, a slice of future glory in this challenging sport.

Each smack of the ball, serves, and volleys will take place at Surprise's renowned Tennis and Racquet Complex located at 14469 W. Paradise Ln, a facility praised far and wide for its impeccable courts and modern amenities that make it an ideal locale for matches that are sure to be nothing short of spectacular, and here’s the backhand of the deal for sports enthusiasts and casual onlookers alike – admission is gratis, that's right, fans can dive into all the tennis action free of charge, with plush seating likely to fill up faster than you can say “deuce.” Just remember, if you’re looking to play a casual set or two, open-court availability is going to be taking a hit, so be sure to call ahead at 623.222.2400 for a reservation lest you end up sidelined.