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Published on May 26, 2024
Boston Police Arrest Two Men, Seize Illegally Modified Handguns After Roxbury Traffic StopSource: Boston Police Department

In the early hours of Sunday, a routine traffic stop in Boston's Roxbury district escalated quickly, leading to two arrests and the seizure of two illegally modified handguns. According to Boston Police Department reports, Avery Combs Jr., 32, of Dorchester, and Jashun Cooley, 38, of Roxbury face multiple firearm charges after being pulled over for running a red light.

Police say the incident began when the suspects' vehicle, after committing the traffic violation, proceeded to quickly to accelerate away, prompting officers to activate their emergency signals in an attempt to conduct a traffic stop. Despite their efforts, the vehicle initially failed to comply, leading to calls for backup. Officers subsequently managed to halt the car on Bullard Street.

Upon approaching the vehicle, law enforcement stated they observed the driver making a suspicious reach toward the floor. When the driver refused to exit the car, a "violent struggle" ensued, said police, leading to a physical altercation between officers and suspects. Ultimately, both driver and front passenger were handcuffed; the rear passenger, after some reluctance, complied and was later released without charges.

An ensuing search of the vehicle unveiled two loaded large capacity firearms, each with obliterated serial numbers. As detailed by the police, the recovered weapons included a Ruger SR9C and a Smith & Wesson SW9V. Alongside firearm possession charges, Combs Jr. and Cooley were accused to have also possessed ammunition and large capacity feeding devices illegally.

Cooley faces additional charges for his alleged failure to stop for the police and resisting arrest. Boston Police confirmed both suspects are slated for arraignment at Dorchester District Court. The details of the incident reflect a broader concern over illegal guns and the dangers they represent to communities and law enforcement alike.