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Published on May 26, 2024
Boston Police Arrest Two Suspects, Seize Weapons and Drugs in Brighton NeighborhoodSource: Google Street View

In a calculated strike against local crime, Boston police officers from District D-14 (Brighton) swooped down on two seasoned suspects, netting a cache of weapons and narcotics in the process. The bust unfolded on Chestnut Hill Avenue, mere steps away from where a brazen stick-up had rattled residents just over a week prior. The alleged perpetrators, James Wise, 64, of Dorchester, and David Jones, 65, of Lynn stood accused of an armed heist bid that ultimately went south, according to Boston Police Department reports.

The sequence of events that led to the arrests started with an attempted armed robbery at the Cumberland Farms on 148 Chestnut Hill Ave, during which Wise is reported to have stormed the store, weapon in hand, in a failed effort to empty its tills. Quick reflexes from the staff saw the would-be robber flee empty-handed, authorities say. Nearly two weeks later, the D-14 officers, with search warrant in hand, set their sights on 130 Chestnut Hill Ave, where they struck the jackpot: a Springfield Arms .45 caliber gun and parts for an AR-15 style rifle lay among the damning evidence.

But it was not just firepower that the officers unearthed that day. Jones, who now faces serious drug charges alongside counts of attempted armed robbery, was found to be in possession of both Class A and Class B substances, casting a wider net on the unlawful activities taking place in the otherwise unassuming Brighton neighborhood.

The arrests have brought a sense of closure to a community on edge since the Cumberland Farms incident and sent a clear message to those who seek to disrupt the local order. Both Wise and Jones are preparing to face the music at Brighton District Court, where, if convicted, they could see their twilight years behind bars. Boston Police, in their public statement, underscored the seriousness of the charges, indicating the department’s resolve in keeping the streets safe for the city's denizens.