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Published on May 23, 2024
Cambridge Parks Activate Splash Pads for Children to Cool Off During Summer HeatSource: City of Cambridge

As the mercury rises in Cambridge, city officials are throwing families a lifeline to beat the heat. With temperatures nudging the upper 80s, a bunch of public parks in Cambridge have turned on their waterplay features, offering kids a cool escape from the summer scorch. These splash pads and sprinklers have opened doors to some wet and wild fun at numerous parks across the city, according to an announcement by the City of Cambridge.

The list of parks ready to douse the young ones includes local hotspots like Cambridge Common City Park, Cooper Park, and Rivera Neighborhood Park among others. These spots are open every day and welcome children of all ages to dive into summer with spouts, sprinklers, and more. It seems like the city has thought of everything – except, for the little detail that they left school playgrounds high and dry until June 24, when the school year officially ends.

If you're keen to map out your nearest wet wonderland, the city has made it easy. A comprehensive map listing all the parks with these cooling features is just a click away on its website. With this facility, planning your next family outing or a spontaneous splashdown in the middle of a sweltering day is a breeze.

It's not all smooth sailing, though. Paine Park and Greene-Rose Heritage Park are sidelined for repairs, putting a temporary plug in their water features. The city, however, promises to share updated opening dates quickly, so citizens won't have to sweat it for too long. In the meantime, there are plenty of parks piping out the fun in every corner of Cambridge.

Cambridge authorities have taken this step to ensure kids have a safe and delightful way to cool off as summer kicks into high gear. By providing these resources free of charge, the city is making sure that fun in the sun is just a splash away for every kid looking to beat the heat.