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Published on May 24, 2024
Chandler Museum Hosts WWII Combat Photography Exhibit, Honoring D-Day's Legacy Until July 14Source: City of Chandler, Arizona

A slice of World War II history has made its way to Chandler with an exhibition spotlighting the raw and real combat photography by Private First Class Leander Zwick Jr. during the critical days following D-Day. The Chandler Museum is currently home to "After OVERLORD – The WWII Combat Photography of Leander P. Zwick Jr.," a powerful showcase of black and white images that tell a visceral story of the war on the Normandy front.

Visitors can expect to step back in time and be able almost to touch the gritty reality of WWII as Zwick's camera captured, through his lens, the hard-hitting scenes post-Omaha Beach. Embedded with the U.S. Army's VII Corps, Zwick managed to document the intense Battle of Cherbourg with a Speed Graphic Camera in one hand and an M1 Carbine in the other. These remarkable photos, now archived in a museum setting, provide a stark reminder of what the Allied troops faced in the aftermath of the invasion.

The exhibit not only acknowledges the sacrifices made during the toughest days of the conflict but is also a part of the larger narrative preserved by the Chandler Museum—an institution dedicated to capturing the evolving story of its community. Admission to this sobering look at our past is free, encouraging locals and visitors alike to connect with the history on a personal level. The exhibition, which according to the museum, serves "to share our stories, store our cultural heritage, and experience Chandler as a people and place," will run until July 14th.

With the upcoming anniversary of D-Day on June 6, this exhibition offers a timely opportunity to reflect not just on the military strategies and political outcomes but on the individual stories and the faces of the past. The "After OVERLORD" showcase promises to serve not only as a commemoration of the significant World War II event but as a grounding point to understand the complexities and the harsh realities that the troops encountered once they set foot on French soil. For more details on the exhibition and other programming, interested parties can visit the Chandler Museum.

The Chandler Museum, located at 300 S. Chandler Village Drive, operates from Tuesday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday 1-5 p.m. As a beacon in the community for learning and reflection, the museum stands as a vivid reminder that history, even when it's difficult to digest, should be preserved and honored. The exhibition, as part of their vision "to be the community's principal resource to explore its people's history, culture, and place in a rapidly changing world," makes a critical connection between yesteryear's battles and the dialogue of today.