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Published on May 25, 2024
Coon Rapids Seeks Builders for New Pedestrian Bridge, Bidding Open Until June 27Source: Minnesota House of Representatives

Walk this way, Coon Rapids residents. The city has just announced it's looking for builders to construct a new pedestrian bridge that'll stretch over Coon Rapids Boulevard, making a safer, more scenic route for foot traffic. The City of Coon Rapids is officially opening the floor to bids for the job until the clock strikes 2:00 p.m., June 27, 2024.

For those with a nose for the nitty-gritty, the bidding documentation is up for the taking on the city's website. Interested parties can dive into the specs and submission guidelines ahead of the big reveal. On June 27, the lucky bidders will get their names read out loud and clear in a very public opening via online platforms like QuestCDN and Zoom, according to an announcement on the city's official site.

With local politics in mind, the council chambers shall play host to the fate of the bids. The city's finest will huddle on July 94, at 7 p.m., going over the bids with a fine-tooth comb to decide which contractor gets to lay the groundwork for the pathway of tomorrow. It's civic engagement and infrastructure improvement all tied up in one pretty package.

Those in the chase for the bridge job can hop over to Coon Rapids' digital stomping grounds for additional deets and to get their hands on the Project 24-6 Ad for Bids Pedestrian Bridge paperwork. The city's looking for a builder to bridge the gap—literally—between sides of the bustling Coon Rapids Boulevard and is laying down the virtual welcome mat for bids. Check it before the June deadline; time stops for no one, the bidder's clock included.