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Published on May 09, 2024
Del Monte Unveils $400 Rubyglow Pineapple in the US, Sparking Buzz in the Luxury Fruit MarketSource: Del Monte Fresh Produce

In a move that's causing a stir in the luxury fruit market, Fresh Del Monte Produce has launched the Rubyglow pineapple, an ultra-premium variety that carries a hefty price tag of $400. Following a buzzworthy debut in China this year, the extravagant produce has made its way to US shores, turning heads and opening wallets across the nation. As FOX San Antonio reports, the Rubyglow pineapples are not your average fruit with their unique red shell and extra sweetness.

Available through select regional grocers and specialty online retailers, this rare delicacy is as elusive as it is expensive. After a 15-year development period and a two-year-long growth process, the Rubyglow is a high-maintenance product, cultivated in limited numbers. As confirmed by USA Today, the scarcity of the pineapples is attributed to a limited seed supply making only a few thousand produced this year.

These red-shelled luxuries are a testament to Del Monte's innovative approach in the pineapple market, differentiating themselves with uniquely flavorful varieties like the Del Monte Gold Extra Sweet, Honeyglow, PINKGLOW, and Del Monte Zero Pineapples. Fresh Del Monte ensures that the cultivation of Rubyglow pineapples follows sustainable farming and transportation practices, a commitment that extends across their product line.

For those eager to sample the coveted sweetness of a Rubyglow, joining the waitlist on Del Monte's website might be the best bet. Touted as a registered plant patent in the U.S., the Rubyglow is a cross between the traditional pineapple and the lesser-known Morada variety. Featuring a bright yellow flesh and a distinctive sweet flavor profile, this luxury piece of fruit is making waves among the affluent and the curious alike.