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Published on May 19, 2024
Pelosi Attacker DePape to Face Redo on 30-Year Sentencing in SF CourtSource: California DMV

In an unexpected turn of legal events, David DePape, the man who violently breached the Pelosi residence and assaulted Paul Pelosi, is slated for a redo on his sentencing after a federal judge admitted oversight during the initial hearing, as per NBC Bay Area. The judge who presided over the case will reconvene the court on May 28 to permit DePape to speak or present mitigating information before his sentence is reimposed.

DePape's 30-year sentence was the outcome of a 2022 home invasion where Paul Pelosi was struck with a hammer, accruing substantial injuries. Still, the judge's failure to invite DePape to speak before sentencing, which is required by law, has necessitated the reopening, according to details from CNN. While the defense disagreed with the motion for a new sentencing hearing, his attorneys filed a notice of appeal regarding the judgment and sentence.

DePape's previous conviction was for assault and attempted kidnapping, as he intended to kidnap then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was not at the residence during the incident—later admitting to attacking Paul Pelosi with police present—in the backdrop of reported radical political beliefs and conspiracy theory influences, as recounted by Hoodline SF. The 44-year-old's defense argued his actions were driven not by a desire to obstruct Nancy Pelosi's official duties directly but rather by ideological extremism.

Amidst these unfolding events, DePape still faces a litany of state charges, with the trial expected to commence this summer, where he faces charges including attempted murder and burglary. The gravity of the attack had Paul Pelosi sustain life-altering injuries, including a skull fracture, according to Hoodline SF. Despite prosecutors' recommendation for a 40-year sentence, DePape had initially received 30 years, which will again be under scrutiny at the end of the month.