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Published on May 09, 2024
Houston Fire Department Probes Mysterious Blaze at Abandoned Store in Trinity/Houston GardensSource: Google Street View

A late-night inferno gutted an abandoned convenience store in the Trinity/Houston Gardens area, as revealed by city officials on Thursday. The blaze, which erupted on the 5900 block of Lockwood Dr. as the clock neared midnight on May 8, brought out 34 of Houston's firefighters.

Firefighters with smoke billowing from the store's rooftop reached the scene at approximately 11:49 p.m., diving into the engulfed structure to beat back the fire and ensure no souls were trapped within. In the midst of securing the premises, with the power company summoned to snip the building's lifelines, a primary search was conducted to ensure that no injuries were reported.

Despite the rapid response, the Houston Fire Department estimated the damage to the property to be around $50,000. The cause of the fire remains shrouded in mystery, with HFD Arson investigators promptly called to peel back the layers and bring the truth to light. The information was made public through an official report released early the following morning.

The collective might of firefighters from Stations 39, 15, 19, 34, 27, 30, and 27 was showcased as they extinguished the roaring flames.