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Published on May 26, 2024
Maricopa County Sheriff's Vehicles to Honor Fallen Officers and Veterans on PatrolSource: Facebook/Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

In a touching display of remembrance, the squad cars of Maricopa County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) will now bear a constant memory of the brave souls who ventured beyond safety for their people and country. Commencing this Memorial Day, the "Honoring on Patrol" initiative ensures that MCSO patrol vehicles feature vinyl banners sporting the names and service details of departed heroes—MCSO employees and Arizona-based U.S. Veterans who were killed in action.

Adorning the back windows, the banners with the United States Flag image will honor 27 MCSO employees—including 21 deputies and 6 detention officers—who died in the line of duty. Standing watch behind the windshield, Arizona's veterans killed in action also get a tribute, with each banner listing the fallen service member's name, the date of their End of Watch, and either the MCSO Star or their military branch emblem, as reported by MCSO's website.

Intending to foster a bond between law enforcement, military communities, and the larger public, Sheriff Russ Skinner expressed MCSO's aims. "We believe the Honoring on Patrol initiative will create a positive impact of continually remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in protecting our country and our community, while fostering a deeper connection with the community we serve,” Skinner stated. He also stressed the importance of showing surviving relatives of these fallen heroes and their colleagues that their service and sacrifice remain integral to MCSO's mission.

Thanks to contributions from an Advisory Council member and Screen Supply Central, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office has concretized the heroic deeds of their departed. Each rolling banner serves as a mobile monument, etching the sacrifices made by these individuals in the daily lifeblood of the community they swore to protect. This initiative underscores an ongoing commitment to the remembrance of service members, ensuring that their legacy never fades into the rearview mirror of time.