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Published on May 23, 2024
Maricopa Launches MET Ride App for Easy Transit Booking and OptimizationSource: City of Maricopa

The streets of Maricopa are set to get a digital touch-up with the launch of the MET Ride mobile app for residents seeking on-the-fly transit solutions. The new app, set to hit virtual shelves on May 27, promises to make booking the City of Maricopa's MET dial-a-ride services a breeze, swapping out the old call-in model for a simple tap-and-go system. Throwing convenience into the mix, the upgraded service will offer rides from point A to point B at an affordable rate of a single dollar.

Joshua Bowman, Maricopa's Director of Organizational Performance who oversees the city's transit system, is eager for the tech rollout. "We are excited to bring the new transit app to the City of Maricopa," he said in a statement obtained by the City of Maricopa's news release. He added that the app is "more convenient for the community" and with the algorithmic might to optimize schedules and routes, the city will "be able to provide more rides to our residents."

Noteworthy features of the MET Ride app include live updates, which ensure riders are well-informed of any service changes as they happen. Further simplifying the riding experience is the integrated payment system, that will allow to quickly and easily pay via credit card. Moreover, the app allows users to book their rides up to one week in advance, an indispensable convenience during peak travel hours.

Another key feature tipped to enhance efficiency is the route optimization for drivers, which will capacity them to swiftly adapt their routes based on real-time traffic and service conditions. This tech is designed to make sure that residents get to their destinations faster than ever before. The city stands behind the app, committed to making sure all residents can take full advantage of its offerings as of its official debut, with download links slated for release in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store come May 27.