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Published on May 24, 2024
Memphis Juvenile Crime Wave, Boys Aged 11-14 Arrested and Rearrested for Car Thefts, Attempted BurglarySource: Facebook/Memphis Police Department est.1827

Memphis has been hit by a string of juvenile crimes after four boys, aged 11 to 14, were arrested and subsequently re-arrested within days of their release. Memphis Police Department reported the suspects' connections to multiple car thefts and attempted burglary, with incidents caught on surveillance footage, as reported by the Action News 5.

The first arrest occurred after the group allegedly stole a 2018 Kia Soul from an Enterprise Rental Company on April 7, as per Local Memphis. They were arrested on May 15, and charged with the theft of that vehicle, and another Kia Soul. However, days after their release, the same group was linked to five more vehicle thefts and an attempted burglary at Cloud 9 Vape Shop on Sycamore View Rd. Authorities say they used a large rock to damage the store's facade.

Footage obtained by FOX13 Memphis shows the quartet using a rock to repeatedly strike the glass of the vape shop's front entrance, an act that was part of their alleged attempted burglary last Saturday. The suspects were identified thanks to their prior arrest.

Charges against the youths include attempted burglary, motor vehicle theft, and vandalism. "The 11-year-old and 13-year-old boys are charged with attempted burglary, motor vehicle theft, and vandalism," as stated by Local Memphis, "The 13-year-old also had a juvenile warrant." Meanwhile, the 12-year-old and 14-year-old have been charged with attempted burglary and motor vehicle theft