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Published on May 09, 2024
Memphis Cops Plead for Tips as Mom and Toddler Trio Vanish Without a TraceSource: Memphis Police Department

The search is on for a Memphis mother and her three young children, who have been missing for nearly a week after leaving their Southeast Memphis home, authorities said. Porsha Hawkins, 31, and her sons Aron, 5, Evan, 5, and Avion, 4, were last seen on the morning of May 3 when they left their residence in a 2015 silver Buick Encore and have not been heard from since.

The Memphis Police Department is leading a frantic effort to locate the family, releasing descriptions and urging the public to come forward with any information. According to Local Memphis, Porsha Hawkins is described as approximately 5’6” tall, weighing 140 lbs., and sports a long black dreadlock-style wig.

Her sons are said to be about 3 feet tall, with Aron last seen wearing a white shirt, blue pants, and black and white Nike shoes, while his twin brother Evan wore a white shirt with tan khaki pants and similar shoes. As for four-year-old Avion, little is known about his last attire except that he wore Crocs. Concerned authorities have noted that the family has not made contact with other relatives since their disappearance and the absence of any leads has heightened anxieties around their safety.

WREG reports detail the last known wardrobe of each child: Aron in the white shirt and blue pants, and Evan in his white shirt paired with khaki. The specifics of Avion's outfit remain unknown, yet it is a mystery contingent upon a singular detail — the child's affinity for his Crocs. The Memphis Police Department is keen to piece together any information, however minute, that may pave the way to uncovering the whereabouts of the Hawkins family.

Officials are urging anyone with knowledge about their location or potential travel plans to step forward and make contact. Sergeant J. Lloyd with the Missing Persons Bureau can be reached at 901-636-4479. The general line for the Memphis Police Department is available at 901-545-2677. By tapping into the collective observance of the community, MPD hopes to make the reunion of the Hawkins family with their loved ones an imminent reality, according to statements obtained by FOX13 Memphis.