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Published on May 20, 2024
Florida Man Charged in Wild Ride from Tampa to Miami in Stolen School BusSource: Florida Highway Patrol

A Florida man was arrested in a head-spinning incident that left authorities chasing a stolen school bus from Tampa to Miami. The saga began when 32-year-old Daniel Saez, reportedly under the influence, decided to commandeer a Hillsborough County School District bus and embark on a joyride spanning hundreds of miles.

According to NBC Miami, Saez set off Saturday night, but his solo field trip came to an end when Florida Highway Patrol troopers caught up with him in Sarasota. He confessed that he was both "high and drunk" when he stole a bus, emphasizing the reckless nature of his escapade.

He had apparently aimed to return the stolen vehicle to Tampa from Miami, having traveled an estimated 280 miles to Miami before heading back. FOX News notes that Saez was stopped in Sarasota, nearly 60 miles south of Tampa, as he made his unlawful return trip.

Law enforcement officials slapped Saez with a grand theft auto charge. He was subsequently booked into the county jail to sober up and face the music. Saez allegedly told the officers that "he was high and drunk when he stole the bus", as stated in the report by NBC Miami. The suspect's impromptu detour and subsequent handcuffed journey back to Tampa surely ended as more bitter than sweet.

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