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Published on May 26, 2024
Minneapolis 13th Ward Ushers in New Staff Amid Safety Push and Public Transit UpgradesSource: City of Minneapolis

The 13th Ward is bustling with new faces and ongoing projects as Linea Palmisano's office welcomes Antonia "Tia" Lindner, a Drake University student with a keen interest in public policy, to the team while Senior Policy Aide, Ruth Olson, takes on a temporary assignment in the Office of Public Service, Palmisano, who's been serving since her first year in office, expressed excitement over Tia's arrival, hoping to replicate the constituent service that had an impact on Tia when she was just a resident, 13th Ward News reports.

As Minneapolis gears up for summer, concerns over a recent spike in criminal activities have emerged with reports of juvenile delinquency involving armed robberies and vehicle thefts, prompting the activation of a Robbery Suppression Protocol and additional patrols, in light of these incidents the council member reminds residents to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities, according to a public statement, in light of these events, community safety remains a top priority for Palmisano's office.

Fulfilling its role as a civic hub, the ward announced adjustments to the Residential Block Permit Application that previously intertwined with a commercial counterpart on the online platform, causing some confusion among residents, meanwhile, preparations for National Night Out 2024 are underway with a registration deadline set for July 30, and the 13th Ward is once again expected to lead in the number of block parties hosted.

Infrastructure remains a focal point for the 13th Ward with the Metro E Line set to enhance rapid transit services and construction slated to begin this June, the announcement detailed disruptions to southbound traffic and ensured maintained access to properties, in a move to reinforce the city's commitment to seamless public transportation with pedestrian safety upgrades to come in tandem, as part of these developments, Minneapolis Public Works Department will kick-start a manhole rehabilitation project in the Fulton neighborhood, which might cause some noise and minor traffic disruptions, but with an intention to minimize inconvenience as much as possible, as stated in the 13th Ward News.

Highlighting a playful twist, Palmisano's office shared how the Timberwolves' basketball fever has taken over, with street signs and block parties adding to the city's vibrant atmosphere and free downtown game watch events planned, all in support of the Western Conference finalist team, residents are encouraged to register and join in the citywide celebration, details of which are available on the official site, it's indeed a time when sports unite folks and ignite city pride.

For those looking to get involved, the newsletter points towards neighborhood association meetings that are accessible both in person and virtually, a nod to the prevailing importance of civic engagement, for more information on Minneapolis crime data, public safety resources, or to become a volunteer citizen scientist for bird safety projects, readers can refer to the provided links and contacts within the bulletin, as the 13th Ward continues to flourish enveloped in the spirit of community and collective responsibility.