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Published on May 21, 2024
Minnesota Rideshare Drivers to Get 20% Pay Raise, Securing Uber and Lyft OperationsSource: Unsplash / Thought Catalog

In a move that will ensure the continuous operation of Uber and Lyft in Minnesota, an agreement has been reached that will result in rideshare drivers in the state receiving a 20 percent pay raise. Senate Majority Leader Erin Murphy announced the breakthrough, applauding the deal as a win for both the 10,000 rideshare workers and Minnesotan commuters reliant on these services.

Senator Omar Fateh is the author behind the legislation destined to be signed off this coming Saturday night and anticipated to pass the following day. According to a statement by Murphy, the settlement is the culmination of persistent efforts over two years, aimed at securing dignity for the rideshare workforce. Having been negotiated working tirelessly, the deal represents a compromise that has received bipartisan support.

“This agreement is the result of two years of hard work by so many people to guarantee dignity for 10,000 rideshare workers across Minnesota," Murphy said. Emphasizing her pride in Fateh and the team, Murphy told the Senate DFL that the negotiations kept the interests of the drivers and riders at heart. They were looking forward to reliable transport while ensuring fair recognition for rideshare drivers.

While details are yet to be solidified, the legislation underscores a pivotal shift towards recognizing the contribution of rideshare drivers to the state’s economy and the growing dependency on the shared economy. Created as a model of compromise, the legislation is poised to set a standard across the nation for other states grappling with how to regulate and balance the ridesharing industry and worker rights. Echoing Murphy’s statements, while presenting the breakthrough that keeps Uber and Lyft operating within Minnesota, Senator Fateh expressed enthusiasm for the agreement that recognizes the drivers’ rights the Senate DFL reported.