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Published on May 24, 2024
Off-Duty DC Police Captain Targeted in Drive-By Shooting, Suspect Charged After ExtraditionSource: Metropolitan Police Department

A violent episode disrupted the morning commute in Northwest D.C. when an off-duty Metropolitan Police Department captain found himself the target of gunfire last week. A suspect in connection with the shooting has now been extradited and charged, as the MPD confirmed yesterday.

The mayhem unfolded on Monday, May 20, at about 12:09 p.m., in the 5800 block of 7th Street, Northwest. The off-duty captain was navigating his ride to work when he encountered a vehicle acting to dangerously ply the roadway ahead. In a shocking turn of events, the car came to a halt and, without a warning, a suspect emerged and discharged a firearm at the captain's car. This information comes via an official MPD statement.

Thankfully, the captain was not injured during the assault. However, the case continued to develop rapidly as investigators pursued leads. The MPD's diligence culminated in the apprehension of one suspect and their subsequent extradition. The individual is now facing charges for their role in the attack. Meanwhile, the second suspect involved is being held in Prince George's County, Maryland, waiting eagerly to be extradited back to the District of Columbia.

The quick response of law enforcement is a tell of their commitment to protecting their own and the community at large. "It's an absolute priority to ensure the safety of our members and the public," said an MPD spokesperson, with an unyielding emphasis on the department's dedication to justice and order. The case, as it stands, serves as a stark reminder that the dangers faced by those who work to uphold the law can often follow them off duty.

Further details about the incident or the suspects have not been disclosed as of yet. Investigations by the MPD continue, and they have urged anyone with information about the shooting to come forward. Updates on the case are anticipated as the legal process now advances against those charged in connection to the unsettling attack on one of the city's protectors.