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Published on June 16, 2024
D.C. Braces for Scorching Week Ahead with Temperatures Nearing 100 DegreesSource: Unsplash/ mosi knife

The National Weather Service in Washington D.C. projects a shift in weather patterns this week, anticipating a steady climb in temperatures that will reach the high nineties by the weekend. In their latest update, the NWS forecasts that today will be partly sunny, with the afternoon high expected to hit 89 degrees Fahrenheit following a gentle transition from northeast to southern breezes.

As the work week commences, D.C. will experience mostly sunny skies with a high near 93 tomorrow, carrying over the trend of rising temperatures—south winds are slated to pick up at 8 to 11 mph, indicating a warmer air mass moving into the region, making it perfect for those who relish in the summer-like heat. Although June's not officially the onset of summer, the mercury in thermometers will beg to differ this week. The nighttime will offer little respite, with lows around 68 to 75 degrees, paired with persistent southern winds maintaining both warmth and humidity through the nights this week.

According to the NWS detailed forecast, the heatwave is expected to persist, with the peak possibly arriving on Saturday, where conditions are predicted to be mostly sunny and hot with a forecasted high near 99 degrees. The evenings throughout this period will remain partly cloudy, which would typically offer a reprieve from the daytime heat, but the extended forecast suggests a minimal drop in temperature after the sun goes down.

This sweltering forecast has implications for the upcoming Juneteenth holiday, with sunny skies and high temperatures around 95 degrees expected to greet celebrants. The warm and clear conditions may provide an optimal backdrop for outdoor festivities and remembrances. Thursday continues the pattern with sunny conditions and a high near 96 degrees. Friday won't buck the trend either, as it's set to be mostly sunny and hot, with temperatures inching closer to the century mark at 98 degrees. Clear skies are anticipated, providing little cloud cover to shield the district from unbroken sunshine.